Solid Raw Brass Personalised Trays

Solid Raw Brass Personalised Trays


Beautiful Personalised Trays. Available with Letters, Flowers or any custom image you would like. Just let us know at checkout what you require or contact us to discuss your options.

Perfect for those brass lovers who want to add a bit of luxe to their decor.

  • Hand Engraved and Formed

  • Solid 1.2mm Brass

  • 28cm Length x 16cm Width

  • 470g weight

  • Cloth furniture protector pads on bottom.

  • Come gift wrapped in box and with card

  • Free registered P&P in Ireland and the UK. Registered international postage flat rate of €10.

Care and maintenance: this is made from raw brass meaning no lacquer is placed on top of it. It will be polished and gleaming on arrival and perfect for placing as a display tray for flowers or candles etc. However over time fingerprints or other things that fall on it may make it discoloured. This can be easily remedied with a brass cleaner (like Brasso available in most supermarkets) applied with a soft microfiber cloth. If you wipe off fingerprints and other items that may fall on it at the time you most likely will not need to use brasso to clean it at all and it will sit gleaming in your home for many years to come!

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