Gilded Hound founder Siobhán Sacker grew up in the Wicklow mountains of Ireland. As a teenager she spent many years in South India. It was there she became fascinated with the art of metal smithing - in particular copper, where it is still a thriving craft that is past down through generations. Copper is man's oldest metal and beautiful work dates back over 10,000 years. It is this brilliance from the past that ignites Siobhán in her passion to shine it into amazing homes all over the world.

When she got her adored first home in the leafy suburbs of Dublin she couldn't hold back the desire to fill it with lasting loved pieces from antique stores to salvage yards. Many of the lifestyle photos on this website was taken in her home. Her philosophy is that

"I want every piece in my home to have history and mean something special to me"

Her love of copper and brass was strong but she found it hard to find pieces that really tugged at her heartstrings

"no-one in Ireland was crafting my kind of handmade, personal, and functional copper and brass pieces for your home"

So with her experience and unique style she set about making her own line of stunning copper homeware, starting out with the launch of hand engraved clocks to mark special moments in peoples lives.


Gilded Hound is proud to be part of Design Ireland - standing behind the best of Irish Design! Read our story on their site here


The Life Behind the Clocks


Each clock is handmade individually in Gilded Hound's Dublin studio. The clocks are made from locally sourced 1.2mm solid copper or brass, which means you can feel the quality when you pick them up. They are then cut to just under 12" and hand engraved with the carefully prepared design. After that they are then fitted with specially sourced luxury large hands, which adds that extra magic to the pieces. They are then hand polished and lacquered - ready to gleam for centuries to come.


The Life Behind the Mirrors


Gilded Hound's Sparkle & Shine Mirrors are a true testament to artisan Irish producers. 100% made in Ireland, we have sourced the parts from four Irish produces and hand crafted them together in our Dublin studio. They have a sparkly satin finish on the outer rim and shine beautifully within through raw copper or brass.